Terrible Ideas

This piece has been making the rounds among industry friends this week, and tells the age-old tale that those of us in the know have been groaning about for years -- the "foodie" who thinks that opening a restaurant will be fun and glamorous and, perhaps most laughably of all, lucrative.

The poor soul writes,

"I was in no position to take a risk. But if it succeeded, I could make more money than any office job had ever paid me. We could enjoy a better lifestyle and maybe buy a nicer house. Plus, I’d be doing what I loved.I pitched the concept to [my wife], explaining that I would be front of house, designing the menu, signing cheques and glad-handing customers. I told her about a guy I had met at TUM who had launched a successful restaurant and still made it home in time to tuck in the kids every night."

Where do I even start? It's almost like someone tried to create a humorous caricature of the worst candidate to open a restaurant. I mean if that last line didn't have you in stitches, you're not in the industry.

These folks seem to think that enjoying great food and knowing what Nero d'Avola is will guarantee them success in the industry. I don't have to tell you, things did not go well for this guy, who had literally never even worked a day in a restaurant. Stick to eating and drinking, Elite Yelpers, and leave the dirty work to us. We love the pain.

#foodies #dontdoit