So, Where Are the Reviews...?

​Since asking for reviews earlier this week, we have received some very interesting and detailed responses. To begin, we want to say thank you to everyone who submitted -- this is exactly the kind of information we're looking for! Candid responses can help potential staff decide if the restaurant is a good fit for them before applying, reducing the possibility of turnover and increasing staff satisfaction, which is what we want to achieve!

So, why haven't we shared the reviews with you guys yet?

Well, because of the critical nature of some of the reviews we've received, we want to make sure that, as we are in the very beginning phases of launching our business, everyone understands exactly what we're trying to do here before we release them for public view.

We are NOT looking to hurt the industry, because we LOVE it. Between the two of us, we have over 25 years experience working for restaurants in various capacities. We started Tipped Off because we want to make things better for everyone involved -- FOH/BOH, managers, and owners. This is not meant to be a petty, gossipy site. We want reviews to be helpful and constructive, and maybe even inspire restaurants to improve their culture and attract the kind of employees they want.

Ashley and I truly believe that if we can increase transparency and communication between management/owners and employees, we can empower staff to find a great job that they love, and this will translate into better service for our customers. We also want to make it easier to staff back of house -- more on that coming soon.

We hope that restaurant owners and managers will be open to talk to us, and we are going to offer them the opportunity to respond publicly to the reviews, as well as announce on our site what sort of improvements and changes they make that might be relevant for our users to know.

While we secure funding to build our ideal site, this process will have to be manual and involve direct contact, but we promise it will be prompt. Eventually owners and management will have the opportunity to "own" their page and respond to reviews on the site; for now we will be posting them within 24 hours of receipt.

We will start posting the reviews tomorrow, and welcome any and all feedback at

This is a very exciting start to what we hope will be the beginning of a revolution in the industry where everyone's experience -- from employee to manager to customer -- is enhanced and improved. Thank you so much for your support and cooperation, and don't forget to SUBMIT A REVIEW!

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