Review: Pork & Beans

Pork & Beans is a collaboration between Chef Keith Fuller and Chef Richard DeShantz of The DeShantz Restaurant Group. They serve "Texas-Inspired BBQ" in a casual environment.


Pork & Beans

136 6th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412-338-1876


LUNCH Tuesday - Saturday 11:30am - 2pm

DINNER Monday - Thursday 4pm - 10pm Friday - Saturday 4pm - 11pm Sunday 12pm - 6pm

*Bar Open Late*

"Money is good. A little bit overstaffed but cuts are made pretty appropriately. Tip out is high and money made per night is not known. Must either calculate independently or wait until biweekly pay to know what you made for the two weeks. Cash is taken home each night, but tips are on a paycheck. Cellphone policy is strict. Managers are somewhat lax and friendly. No shift meal, small discount on food, but discounts at all of the restaurant group make up for the lack of discount at p&b. No staff meal/food for us. Sometimes a leftover bun. "

Do you work full-time or part-time (fewer than 4 shifts a week)? Part-time

How long did you work there? I currently work here.

How are you paid before tips? Minimum wage

How are tips handled? Keep your tips

What do you make on average per shift, before tip out? $280

Who do you tip out to? Bar, runners/bussers.

How much do you tip out? 4% to runners/bussers, 7% to bar.

What benefits do they offer? Health insurance

Do you get a family meal? No

Do you have to take menu tests? No

How many servers work there? 10-15

Do you have to wear a uniform? Yes, but you need to purchase it or be provided by you

How long is your average shift? 5-8 hours

How many managers work there? 2


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