Review: Pizzaiolo Primo (Market Square)

Our first reviewer from Pizzaiolo Primo responded to the part-time review form, which means that these answers pertain to an employee that works fewer than four shifts per week.

In the interest of transparency, co-founder Stephanie Dooley worked at this restaurant in the summer/fall 2015 when it was called Il Pizzaiolo, and was the downtown outpost of the original Mt. Lebanon location. Pizzaiolo Primo is no longer associated with the Il Pizzaiolo brand.

On to the good stuff!


Pizzaiolo Primo

8 Market Square

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Tel: 412-575-5858

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11a-11p | Sunday 12p-9p

"It is a fun/easy/laid-back environment. There seems to be a high turnover of GMs that are hired by the investors (who have never owned or operated a restaurant.) Typically, the investors place all of their trust into a person who looks great on a resume, but not so good at managing the loyal employees who built the restaurant into the machine that it is. Basically, the investors, while nice, could not care less about who sells their product just as long as there is a warm body. With that said, there is a resilient crew who knows how to do their job while also having fun. I have seen people come and go and then come back again. That says something.

The chef is not only excellent, but easy to communicate with. He is passionate about his food, and loves to be a leader/teacher. During the three years I have worked there, I have never felt the kitchen to be a "dark cloud". My favorite thing, hands down, about working there is the confidence of serving deliciously good food. It is more than half the battle, in my opinion.

I work with a wonderful crew, FOH and BOH get along. Chef will make family meals depending on the day and what he has extra of. There is usually a pizza or pasta up for grabs during every shift. Sidework is reasonable and if you treat the bussers with respect they will be a big help. You get 50% off food every shift."

How long did you work there/how long have you been working there? 3-5 years

How are you paid before tips? Flat hourly pay

How are tips handled? Keep your tips

Who do you tip out to? Bar, runner, and busser.

What do you make in weekly tips on average? $200-400

What benefits do they offer? Health insurance

Do you get a family meal? Depends on the shift

Do you have to take menu tests? Yes, but upon hire only

How many servers work there? 10-15

Do you have to wear a uniform? Yes, but it is provided

How long is your average shift? 5-8 hours

How many managers work there? 3


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