Review: Diamond Market

The review stream has not stopped! We'll do a round-up soon of the less beefy ones this week; today we have one from Diamond Market in Market Square. Owned by the same original proprietors as the renowned Primanti Brothers, Diamond Market touts itself as a "casual place that's neither uppity nor a dive."

Thanks for your continued support and feedback; we're refining the review forms as we continue to hear from you and what information is the most important to know before you apply!


Diamond Market

430 Market Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222



Sun-Thu 11am-10pm

Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

"It was fun for a while but then it became a hassle to just go into work. I worked there a while back and the owner would always come in and have no idea what was going on but he would spout off orders to the staff (one time he even called the BOH "The Help"). He's a nice guy, he just needs to tone it down a bit. The GM, Brian, kind of comes in and goes as he pleases and I'm not really sure what exactly it is that he does when he's there. The staff is a pretty tight knit group (or at least we were when I was there). I'm still friends with quite a few people that I met when I worked there. Overall, its not a terrible place to work but it has definitely taken a hit from the new spots opening in and around Market Square."

What do you/did you do there? Server

How long did you work there or how long have you currently been working there? 1-2 years

How are you paid before tips? Minimum wage

How are tips handled? Keep your tips

What do you make on average per shift, before tip out? $101-150

Who do you tip out to? Bar, runners.

What benefits do they offer? Dining discounts

Do you have pre-shift and/or post-shift meetings? Neither

What kinds of things does the restaurant do to keep you engaged (food/wine education, sales contests, staff outings etc.)? None

Do you get a family meal? No

Do you have to take menu tests? No

How many servers work there? 10-15

Do you have to wear a uniform? Yes, but it is provided

Describe your uniform: Diamond Market shirt and black jeans

How long is your average shift? 5-8 hours

How many managers work there? 3


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