Review: Cure

Cure describes itself as "a neighborhood restaurant with a small menu focused on local urban Mediterranean food." Chef/co-owner Justin Severino and co-owner Hilary Prescott Severino also own Morcilla; you can read the review for that restaurant later in the week.



5336 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201 412-252-2595

Hours Monday 5-Close Tuesday CLOSED Wednesday 5-Close Thursday 5-Close Friday 5-Close Saturday 4-Close Sunday 4-Close

(Last seating on M/W/T/Sun is at 9pm; F/Sat is 9:45pm)

"You're required to come almost 1.5 hours before your shift starts to clean and prepare the dining room, bathrooms, and help clean the kitchen. When I worked there you were provided a staff meal but often times were unable to eat it because of extra work needed to be done before guests arrive. You're expected to climb a 10 foot ladder and clean light fixtures, polish the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, scrub bathroom floors, and toilets, as well as general setup.

You're also required to do laundry, put away deliveries in the upstairs storage/office space and clean the storage space both before and after your shift. All of the boxes that food and wine are delivered in are to be broken down outside before you start your shift, even if it's raining or freezing. Also, recycling and trash are to be taken across the street and put in the dumpster.

At the end of the night you are to help the kitchen break things down by using a vacuum sealer to seal about 20 bags of meats and sauces. You should be prepared to take tests on both food and wine. The owner and his wife will have dinner when you first start, and you'll need to wait on them. They will ask you questions as if they've never been there. Some servers stress over this but they want to make sure you have a good presence to their guests.

You'll make decent money but the hours are long. We started at 3:30pm opened at 5 and generally left around 12 during the week or 1-1:30 during the weekend. It really all depends on the reservations and how late the last person wants to stay. The guests, in my opinion, were the best part of working there. Once you learn the menu and wine, serving guests was pretty easy.

They have a very high level of service that takes a while to get used to, even if you come from fine dining. Be prepared. The owner came in with his chef friends and didn't tip the servers. They stayed over an hour past the last guests and the manager wouldn't let us clean around them. Also, the general manager is very close family friends with the owner and his wife. If you have a complaint, keep it to yourself.

The kitchen crew is incredible but pretty standoffish at first. Get to know them. Ask questions. They are some of the most passionate people I've met. I often thought of jumping off the bridge on my way to work. No joke. I couldn't wait to be done working there. if nothing else, use it as a stepping stone but don't stay for more than 6 months."

How long did you work there or how long have you currently been working there? 6m-1y

Why did you leave? Fired

How are you paid before tips? Flat hourly pay

How are tips handled? Pool tips with other servers

Who do you tip out to? Bar, runner

How much do you make in weekly tips on average? $200-400

What benefits do they offer? Dining discounts

Do you have pre-shift and/or post-shift meetings? Both

What kinds of things does the restaurant do to keep you engaged? Liquor education, food education

Do you get a family meal? Yes

Do you have to take menu tests? Yes, every so often

How many servers work there? 1-5

Do you have to wear a uniform? Yes, and you need to purchase it

How long is your average shift? 8+ hours

How many managers work there? 3


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