Thanks for Supporting Us and Net Neutrality on the Coldest Day Yet!

Bravo to everyone that bundled up and shivered on the corner of Smithfield and Fifth yesterday, with the rallying cry, 'Pai, Pai, Stop the lies!" WESA's article by Sarah Boden impressively hit Reddit's front page via the subreddit r/technology.

We met with passionate people from all walks of life, from high schoolers to senior citizens, that understood the gravity of what might happen to our free internet next week.

If this issue is still confusing to you, here's a quick breakdown on what's going on and why you should care.

Tipped Off doesn't usually get political, but this cause was too important to us, the American people, and freedom of speech and information, for us to ignore. This is not a partisan issue; it's bad legislation for Fox News diehards and CNN lovers alike.

If you haven't reached out to your representative, there's still time.

Thanks again for supporting innovation and a free and open internet.

Or, if you're super-busy use Resist Bot here or Text RESIST to 50409 from your mobile instead and it will fax your reps for you!

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