Review: Bartending at Pizzaiolo Primo

We probably haven't emphasized this enough yet, but we're here for bartenders too! Check out the Pizzaiolo Primo review from a server if you want to know what it's like from their side.

As we mentioned in that review in the interest of transparency, our co-founder, Stephanie Dooley worked at this restaurant in the summer/fall of 2015 when it was called Il Pizzaiolo, and was the downtown outpost of the original Mt. Lebanon location. Pizzaiolo Primo is no longer associated with the Il Pizzaiolo brand.

Today's review comes from a part-time bartender. Don't forget to submit a review and BE HEARD!


Pizzaiolo Primo

8 Market Square

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Tel: 412-575-5858

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11a-11p | Sunday 12p-9p

This place is a love-hate relationship.

Like all restaurants and bars, it can be a struggle to find the necessary tools to fulfill your job duties- i.e.- no silverware, not enough plates, running out of certain glassware mid-shift and having to wash and polish glasses on the spot to fulfill outstanding orders. This can all be very frustrating and it has seemed to have gotten worse lately.

Business can be hit or miss but I feel like bar business has definitely declined. May be due to increasing downtown competition or because management has changed and now we're about the almighty dollar and I feel that the quality of staff has declined. Lots of staff turnover and lots of new staff are not as polished as some of the veterans here.

The chef is hands down the nicest and most knowledgeable chef I have ever worked for. He will gladly answer questions and talk about food if you have a genuine interest. Same goes for the rest of the kitchen guys- awesome friendly staff.

The food they put out is really high quality and it basically sells itself so that's a definite plus. Managers are willing to cut staff if volume dictates which is also nice. As a side job, I make enough to stay but if this was my main source of income, I don't think it would cut it.

Overall, lots of pros and cons just like anywhere else. Overall shifts are pleasant and relaxed and the staff is friendly. Basically I don't want to jump off a bridge on the way here so I guess it's a win!

How long did you work there/how long have you been working there? 3-5 years

How are you paid before tips? Hourly wage $4.00-$4.50

How are tips handled? Pool with second bartender (if there is one). If you're on your own, money is all yours

Who do you tip out to? Runner and busser

What do you make on an average shift before tipout? $101-150

What percentage of your tips do you have to tip out? Recommended 10% to bus and 2% of food sales

What benefits do they offer? Health insurance

Do you get a family meal? Depends on the shift

Do you have to take menu tests? Yes, but upon hire only

How many servers work there? 5-10

Do you have to wear a uniform? No, bartenders can wear whatever they want (within reason).

How long is your average shift? 5-8 hours

How many managers work there? 2


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