Okay Pittsburgh. It's Time.

We've all been there. You interview at a new place and think you've finally found the holy grail that checks all your boxes. Two weeks of training at minimum wage later, you realize you've made a huge mistake. But what now? You can't afford to switch jobs again anytime soon.

Imagine if you had known ahead of time that you'd have 3 floor managers for 4 servers. Or that your health insurance doesn't kick in for six months. What if you had known the place only had an hour long playlist that you would soon memorize and hear in your dreams?

Tipped Off is going to give you the opportunity to know these things before you even interview, but we need your help! We're now accepting anonymous reviews for restaurants and bars where you have worked or are currently working. Submissions will be subject to review and, again, posted anonymously.

Just a quick rundown on what we're looking for:

Tipped Off is not meant to be a place for ugly gossip, or to tell people how your manager stole your girlfriend, etc, but rather a place where we can share with each other things we might not be able to learn at the interview. How much money can I REALLY expect to make? Is the culture of the place more on the serious side or more fun? Are there menu quizzes? How about a family meal?

We feel that by being able to know these things ahead of time, you'll be better equipped to find a place that will make you want to stick around, and, more importantly, enjoy your job more!

Submit your reviews using the forms below!

FULL-TIME servers and bartenders (4 or more shifts per week)

PART-TIME servers and bartenders (fewer than 4 shits per week)