Part Two: The Interview

February 20, 2018


February 6, 2018

Review: Sienna Mercato Downtown

February 6, 2018

Reviews: Scratch F&B

February 6, 2018

Conversation & Aunt Bertha

January 5, 2018

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January 5, 2018

Sir Jables: 

I’ve been looking for a second job that would allow some flexibility of schedule. I applied for a server position with a local restaurant, and was hired. I start next Monday. The only thing is, I’m a little nervous because I’ve never really worked in a...

December 28, 2017

Sir Jables: 

I cut into a $23.00 filet mignon at this restaurant my wife and I were eating at, and immediately realized it one of those pieced-together things they sell at the grocery store for a fraction of what real filets go for. When I sent it back, they didn't...

December 21, 2017

Sir Jables:

With the holidays season upon us, it seems like everywhere I look, love is in the air. Three of my friends are getting engaged, and while I couldn’t be happier for them, I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness at the fact that I have no one. Maybe the ho...

December 14, 2017

Sir Jables: 

Occasionally, a couple will come into the restaurant where I work, and sit on the same side of the table so they can make out for the entire restaurant to see. It’s tacky and gross. Why do you think some people feel compelled to do this? 


Dear Kara...

December 7, 2017

Sir Jables: 

Do you ever have that dream where you’re “in the weeds” at work?

— DJ

Dear DJ,

Ahhh yes. That pesky little subconscious of ours, using our real-life stresses against us while we’re incapacitated by sleep, mutating them into mighty customer-krakens, imposs...

December 1, 2017

[Ed. note: Sir Jables' column is a day late this week because I dropped the fucking ball. Won't happen again.]

Sir Jables: 

I wait tables at a casual-dining restaurant. A woman and her husband came in yesterday and she ordered a burger with a side salad (which is served...

November 23, 2017

Sir Jables: Do you think it’s ok to be high at work? -David Dear David, Sure. I’m working, and I’m high right now.

November 16, 2017


Sir Jables: 

I’m a server at a very busy restaurant where there is limited space for servers to walk.  This wouldn’t be such a problem if the parents who come in to eat with their children would keep their kids from running free around the restaurant, but some do...

November 9, 2017

Welcome to Ask Sir Jables:  He Who Hath Waited Upon Life’s Tables.  

If you need to stumble a few steps back to take that title in, no one will fault you for it.  In fact, it serves merely to prepare you for the column’s intrinsic glory, for which you wil...

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